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Student wellbeing

Frenchs Forest School's commitment to our students and parents is to provide a teaching and learning environment that enables the development of healthy, happy, successful and productive children.

Students are expected to contribute to their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their peers. Our school in partnership with parents equips students to be active and positive contributors to the society in which they live.

At Frenchs Forest Public School, our students:

  • are actively connected to their learning
  • have positive and respectful relationships
  • experience a sense of belonging to their school and community
  • are respected, valued, encouraged, supported and empowered to succeed
  • grow and flourish 

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

At Frenchs Forest, we strive to make our school a happy and safe place. We provide a positive teaching and learning environment, guided by a core curriculum and implemented with consistent expectations for all students.

Our school behaviour expectations of 'Respectful, Responsible, Learner' apply to our students in all settings across the school. Student success, whether academic, social or behavioural is consistently acknowledged and reinforced by providing positive feedback.

To support all students to make good choices we explicitly teach appropriate behaviour using positive, clear and specific language. There is a clear and commuicated system of consequences to support students to make positive behaviour choices.

We are committed to support our students to achieve success in all aspects of their school life by encouraging all students to be 'Respectful, Responsible Learners'.