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Parents and citizens association

Frenchs Forest Public School has an active, involved Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) which is an integral part of our school community.

Parents and community members are warmly invited to attend our meetings which are held twice a term.  Please refer to the upcoming events calendar for the date of the next meeting.

As a student-centred community of families and local businesses the P&C aim to:

  • support our principal and teaching staff, providing them with the services and equipment they need to enhance and enrich the learning experience of students at French Forest Public School
  • support our students, focusing the participation of the community on the things that matter
  • ensure our stewardship of the time and money given to the school by the community (both school and wider) continues to be put to use in efficent and effective ways

Executive committee


To facilitate the smooth running of the P&C and provision of P&C services. To ensure the P&C set and work towards achieving its goals for the current year. To act as the liaison between the P&C (parent community) and the school. To support all role holders within the P&C in their duties. The objectives are:

  • Raise awareness of and participation in the P&C within the broader school community
  • Support P&C activities and initiatives
  • Ensure P&C is meeting its obligations to the parent community, the school and any relevant government authorities

Vice president

To support the P&C President and other members of the Executive in all their duties, and ensuring that the P&C operates in a way that enables its goals to be achieved. The objectives are:

  • Be accessible to provide advice on how the P&C works (e.g. rules, meeting procedures etc)
  • Assess and report on whether P&C activity is contributing to the annual goals
  • Support all significant P&C activities and scheduled initiatives


To support the P&C and Executive team by providing collated documentation including agendas, financial information, items of discussion and interest in a timely manner and recording and collating attendance. Ensuring all information is distributed in a timely manner for perusal by committee and community. To accurately document meetings items and actions and distribute for consideration by P&C community. The objectives are:

  • Timely distribution of all relevant information for consideration
  • Maintain accurate records of attendance and involvement
  • Encourage other parents to be involved in the P&C through active conversations with school community


To support the P&C and Executive team by maintaining the financial records and creating and presenting monthly financial reports. The administration of all P&C payments and money received, compiling and lodging the Business Activity Statements (BAS). All P&C insurance and group certificate responsibilities also sit with the Treasurer. The objectives are:

  • Timely and accurate creation and distribution of all financial information.
  • Creation of a documented desk procedures manual to facilitate a smooth transition to future Treasurers.
  • Introduction of financial reporting that also compares the current year to prior year information.


The following sub-committees are run by the P&C.


To provide fresh, healthy food choices at reasonable prices, operating under the requirements of the Fresh Tastes NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy. To give children the opportunity to use and understand the value of money in a safe, controlled environment. For meeting, refer to the EventsThe objectives are:

  • A mindful use of resources
  • To encourage students to broaden their horizon and make their own healthy food choices through special food days


The French Forest Public School band committee has been formed to support our band director in bringing music to our children. Our role is to provide information to parents of band members, and discuss aspects of band which may need improvement, or change. Meeting: once a term unless there's a planning meeting for a specific event s e.g. band camp. The objectives for are:

  • Provide the children with continued support of the Band Program
  • Provide the band director with continued support of the band program
  • To ensure that the band continues to maintain its profit/loss ratio so that band is self sufficient

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is an onsite facility, operated by volunteers, that aims to provide quality school uniforms to families at a reasonable cost. The shop is open every Friday between 8:30 - 9:15am. The shop also takes orders from families that are filled every Friday and the orders are delivered to the student's classrooms. For meeting, refer to EventsThe objectives for are:

  • Provide comfortable and quality uniforms for students at a reasonable cost
  • Provide a reliable and consistent service for families


The Fundraising committee is responsible for organising all the fundraising activities throughout the year. Our aim is to raise funds to support the purchase of items as per our funding objectives agreed by the school community.  Some of the events we have planned in past years include: trivia nights, BBQs, fairs, discos, raffles and entertainment books. The objectives for are:

  • Reach our annual fundraising goals
  • Carry out a variety of events for students and parents

Connect with us

The Frenchs Forest Public School Parents and Citizens Association has an active Facebook page which can be found at